Interviewing for a new school

Presenting with Confidence has experience guiding students through their interviews for many Ontario private schools and a wide variety of Universities and Colleges

One-on-one sessions are ideal for working on your interview technique.

Briony has designed exercises that can help a young person to be more responsible for how they present themselves. She will role play the interview, polishing manners and even helping clients to master the perfect handshake. If needed, she will work on strategies to control nerves or fidgeting. She will also help students and their parents feel prepared and confident about what to expect and what they can gain from the interview process.

Interview skills for Medical and Dentistry school

Whether you are facing multiple-mini-interviews or standard interviews for med school, Briony can coach you through. She has successfully brought students through to be admitted to many of the top medical schools and dentistry programs in both the US and Canada.

Presentation skills

Working one-on-one can also be of help to students who feel they are inhibited or shy. Some students feel more confident to take risks and try new things if they can work in a private environment. Working one-on-one, students can practice their class presentations or public speaking and discover strategies to bring their projects to life. They can unlock their own expressiveness and learn to speak with authority.

Why students need interview and presentation skills

  • Presentations are part of your grades
  • Conquering your fear is an essential skill in navigating the adult working world
  • Understanding what is expected of you is a great way of tackling your nerves
  • Learning how to communicate your true best self is a skill you can take through your life

If you would like to book a one-on-one session and discuss fees please contact Briony

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Briony played a big role in helping our son and even though it took a long time for him to finally be accepted at a school of his choice we did succeed and what Briony taught him has stayed with him. She gave him the confidence to keep going with his many interviews. And now the confidence to start on this new, great challenge ahead.

Briony has led Effective Listening and Communication workshops for Grade 9 students as part of our Learning Strategies course. She is a dynamic presenter and took the time to get to know the needs of the students ahead of time. She provided follow-up suggestions for the students and they were motivated and had good results by using her strategies in their classes.

Briony helped my grade 12 son gain the confidence he needed for the Harvard interview. She taught him strategies on how to think on the spot when a difficult question was posed to him. The process she put in place for him lessened the stress he felt and he was able to use the same strategy in another Ivy League interview. Briony played a big role in building up our son’s confidence that finally led to him gaining a place at an Ivy League school. I would like to thank her very much for the time she spent with our son.

What I thought was great about Briony’s approach was that instead of addressing interviewing techniques from the get-go, she took a more fundamental approach of helping me improve on basic social skills and behaviours, like eye contact, carrying a normal conversation, listening, having confidence in pressured situations, tips for manipulating the course of a conversation/interview, etc. From there, it was a lot easier to improve my interview skills with other various techniques. After a a few months of hard work and practise, it finally clicked! I really appreciate all the time, effort, and care Briony put in for my benefit; she was a big part of my acceptance into UofT med school this year.