How we move and present ourselves to the world varies greatly. The way we gesture, walk, sit, listen, announce, commiserate, command, or apologize. How we establish control, or defer to someone else. How we simply walk into a room of friends or strangers. Everything we do reveals something of what we are feeling and thinking. That is also how we are able to read one another and judge the authenticity of what someone might be saying.

Many of us have physical habits that contradict what we are saying. This can be confusing to others. Sometimes we need to work harder to conceal what we are thinking or feeling as it might be more appropriate to give off a relatively neutral presence. Sometimes we need to boost a posture or a position to dial up the power of what we are saying. By spending some time addressing your body language and vocal habits, Briony can help you to be much more in control of what you are presenting to the world. Everyone is unique. There is no perfect way to walk into a Board room or to have a difficult conversation. One-on-one coaching can help you to become a master in the messages you are sending out and better at reading others.

Here’s how one client described a one-on-one session –

“After guiding my self-discovery, you gave me strategies and practical steps towards reaching my potential as a communicator. I felt safe, uplifted, and motivated to make changes. I want to change, and I know what making those changes can bring me, and how they will positively impact my life at home with my family, and at work.”



Recognizing that communication skills are imperative for success in almost any role, companies regularly refer individuals looking to up their game in communications and relationship building. This includes high-potential individuals growing into leadership roles, as well as those whose performance review suggest a need to improve their communications and team skills.

Clients work with Briony on a range of issues and strategies, including how to:

  • Warm up their presence
  • Speak up in meetings and make clear, concise points
  • Lead and facilitate discussions (or lead from the sides)
  • Take things less personally (or more personally if necessary)
  • Successfully manage a transition to a new position
  • Communicate effectively with their team and those to whom they report; and
  • Become aware of non-verbal messaging – ensuring body language matches their words

Briony has coached over 600 clients helping them to influence and inspire in a range of settings. In each session, Briony encourages clients to become more self-aware and to acquire a greater understanding of how to leverage strong communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) to achieve career and personal goals.

For Coaching to have a real impact, 3 sessions are recommended. The first and second two weeks apart, and the third a few months later.

Packages are available upon request.
Please inquire for pricing details.


Presenting With Confidence workshops are productive. Participants walk away with new skills that they are excited about and have confidence in using immediately. Goals for the workshop might initially be soft; to build a more trusting work environment, for instance. But in order to anchor that trust, Briony will teach it through another skill that participants have also identified they want to learn, such as public speaking or chairing a meeting.  Workshops are customized to the unique needs of the group. For example, when working with psychiatrists on their listening skills, Briony helps them to bond as a supportive team of professionals. They trust and depend on one another as they learn how to read body language more organically.



Presence and Impact | This 90-minute to half-day workshop can be adapted to suit 6 to 150 people. 

The aim of the workshop –

  • To provide every participant with one-on-one coaching in their presentation style
  • To provide tools to mitigate nerves, focus message, control body language, and expand vocal range.
  • To offer an opportunity to practice and develop new skills.
  •  For each participant to discover their unique message

Skills we will cover: How walk into the space; Saying your name; Pace and volume; Breathing; Vocal tics (including ‘um,’ ‘like,’ up-speak, vocal fry, apologetic words, mumbling, shouting); Posture; Smiling; Eye contact; Gesturing; Reading the room; How to engage your audience; How to run Q&A while presenting; How to convey complex topics in a concise way; and How to structure presentations in a way that matches the message to the audience. 

Also covered: Storytelling; Message focusing and impact; and finally, How to exit.

The Art of Conversation | This 90-minute workshop for 20 to 200 people can be extended to 3-hours for deeper learning.

The aim of the workshop – 

  • To provide every participant with the chance to share their conversation skills and grow
  • For everyone to have confidence starting a conversation with a stranger
  • To turn small talk into deep talk
  • To mine for personal stories worth sharing

Speaking skills we will cover: The Power of TBS: Think, Breathe, Speak; Pace and volume; Being succinct and interesting; How to make a point; Storytelling; Speaking with respect; How to avoid repetition; and The deep detail dive.

Listening skills we will cover: Being present; Relaxing your agenda, The art of the pause; Curiosity, not judgment; How to interrupt; Problem-solving vs. coaching; Compassion vs. comparing; Using open-ended questions; and Remembering names and details.

Master the Meeting | A 90 to 120-minute workshop for 6 to12 people. 

We can’t work without holding meetings and, as we all know, there are good meetings and bad ones. Meetings where decisions get made, ideas get celebrated, and work gets done, but also meetings where our time, and everyone else’s, is tragically wasted. This comprehensive workshop will teach you practical, effective, and clear strategies you can use immediately to improve your meetings. You’ll get the chance to refine your skills, build on your presence, and command the attention and respect you need to lead.  

The aim of the workshop –

  • To teach participants to properly prepare, to get what they need.
  • To offer techniques to command respect in the room with courtesy and calm.
  • To discuss how to engage a defeated group.
  • To provide the tools to manage conflict,
  • To teach participants how to compile ideas and summarize discussions
  • To encourage the leverage of cultural and cognitive diversity
  • To provide tactics to control the ramblers, the sleepers, the texters, the keeners, the Iago sitting at your elbow, and the lady who puts her hand up for everything but does nothing. 
  • To focus on follow-up.

Skills we will cover: How to command respect in the room; Body language and presence; Managing conflict while remaining emotion-neutral; Establishing tone; Being heard; Interrupting; Managing being interrupted; The big picture perspective; and Managing poor behaviour. 

All workshops include a written component, materials provided.
Please inquire for pricing details.

Briony’s coaching and support for presentation and communications skills helped draw out the best in each one of us. She has a particular gift for pinpointing an individual’s strengths and vulnerabilities, and helping people to develop a greater sense of self awareness and inner strength. She helped improve our presentation and communications skills by strengthening our capability to speak with confidence and clarity. Thank you Briony for your ongoing support and guidance!

Sara L. Austin

World Vision

Briony is a rare talent and has been incredibly helpful to many people at SAP, me included. She can instantly assess a situation, understand the dynamics at play, and work with the people in it to remove the complexity (often unspoken) and help people/teams function better together. On top of her ability to affect significant change, she’s insightful, funny and a complete delight to work with.

Leagh Turner

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, SAP Canada Inc.