As a professional actress and singer, with over 30 years of experience working in theatre, television, and film, Briony brings to her coaching practice a unique combination of skills and experience. She has worked with lawyers and bankers, teens and teachers, and politicians and entrepreneurs to develop their authentic approach to connecting and communicating with impact.  As a certified Executive Communication expert, she offers innovative programs and exercises to help individuals communicate with confidence.

Focusing on body language, the voice, and written and verbal messaging, Briony helps her clients build their unique executive presence; guiding them to create a deeper awareness of how they affect and are affected by others. Clients apply their new skills to public speaking, presentations, pitching, branding, and throughout their workplace relationships, and they report significant shifts in their work and relationships.

In 2015, Briony began her training with The Coaches’ Training Institute and in June 2017 became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

Briony Glassco’s years as a professional coach and consultant drive her passion to help others build self-awareness in how they communicate with those they live and work with. Her Presence and Impact Workshop Series has gained popularity and praise across many industries.

Please contact Briony for more information:
(416) 817-8375

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“Briony has been an incredible coach for us. She takes a tailored approach to each individual, understanding his or her interests and goals, and providing practical, easy to apply strategies.  In just one or two sessions with Briony, participants gain a greater awareness of how to use their voice, tone, and body language to communicate with confidence and purpose. We’ve seen great results.”

Stikeman Elliott